The Fuel Your Photos Membership

Proven SEO strategies for wedding and portrait photographers.

dylan howell and corey potter from fuel your photos

What’s Included

SEO Course Library

We’ve spent years perfecting an SEO course that covers the topics that are most likely to get real results for wedding and portrait photographers. The main course takes a holistic, assignment-based approach to SEO, letting you master the skills that will let you successfully drive traffic to your website from search engines.

We also have a blogging course that will teach you how to build your content calendar and publish content that drives significant traffic from search engines.

We’re constantly updating, and members never need to pay for new course content!

The Members-Only Community

Sometimes the most important part of learning a new skill is having a place to get support. Students have consistently told us that the private community *alone* was worth the price of our course. The membership puts even more emphasis on community engagement + access to support when you need it.

  • A custom community (like a Facebook group, but better)
  • Office hours: multiple calls per week where you can ask any SEO questions and get immediate help!

WordPress Website Templates

We have members on every website platform you can imagine, but there is a special place in our hearts for WordPress.

For our members who use WordPress + Kadence (or want to consider switching), we have additional resources available as part of the membership.

  • Our blank Kadence Child ThemeCanvas” lets you get started quickly and skip some technical setup steps.
  • Our community cloud libraryKindling Cloud” lets you use individual sections from our library on your site.

What’s In The Course?

There are 12 main modules in our course:

  • Introduction to SEO
  • Google Business Profile Setup & Optimization
  • Platform Specific Settings
  • Optimize Your Home Page
  • Optimize Your Internal Pages
  • Create Your List of Topics
  • Prepare Your Content
  • Writing & Optimizing Your Content
  • Create Your Cornerstone Content
  • Clean Up Your Site
  • Build Your Backlink Hitlist
  • Track Your Progress

There are also various tools, bonus lessons, playbooks, topic summaries, checklists, and we’re adding new material all the time!

Live Training + Office Hours

Each month, Corey and Dylan will host “office hours” calls where members can join and ask SEO + website questions and get individualized help. Our shift to a membership comes with a new dedication to support and availability for members.

We’ll also regularly host members-only live training sessions covering important SEO topics!

..from direct Google search only..

My leads have been through the roof.

-Nina Larsen Reed



Your course last year pulled in over $***k worth of business for me. So in short, what you’ve done and shared with me is huge and I cannot thank you enough.

Wedding + Portrait Photographer

If anyone has NOT taken the SEO Course, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Last month I received 40+ leads on my website. This year I’m averaging 32 a month!!

Portrait Photographer

Between the course itself and the quality of support we receive from Corey and Dylan, it’s MORE than worth the money.

Elopement Photographer

After a year or two of trying to piecemeal my SEO with varying and often conflicting advice from various sources, I bought the course to make it a priority. Within a year I went from not being found on Google to having a blogpost rank on page 2 to my homepage ranking on page 1. Even now after slacking for a year and not continuing to update my website as I should, I’m still on page 1. Because I have good SEO “bones” from the course. (reminder to self to start updating. haha) The majority of my inquiries are from Google thanks to this course. Dylan and Corey are awesome. They are extremely knowledgeable, active in their FB groups, and present the content in an easy to follow way. (Trust me because I have zero technical skills when it comes to SEO).

Newborn + Family Photographer

This course is definitely worth the money! I’d be totally honest here, I have yet to finish everything taught in the course but most of my bookings are coming from Google already. Last fall, I got my fall minis fully booked because of people who found me on Google. Last year, I also got at least 300 inquiries in a span of 3 months, 80% of which from Google, that I had to say no to because I was fully booked. Just this year, over 50% of my booked clients found me through Google. I attribute everything to this course. If you only have 1 course that you can buy, it should definitely be this one. Not to mention the support while taking the course is amazing!

Family Photographer

Easily one of the best business purchases for us. My wife and I took a while to finally pull the trigger on the course too. We weren’t sure if it would just end up being another one of those watered down courses that another “SEO expert” put together to make a few quick bucks. They do a great job of teaching in a way that makes it easy to build on each of the previous concepts they’ve taught. We almost hired someone to do our SEO and I’m so glad we didn’t because now we are in a place that if we did decide to hire someone just to free up some of our time, we’d be able to explain the things we’d need done, or even better, be able to tell if the person offering seo service was legit or not. I wouldn’t hesitate to get it fam. I wish we would have started it way sooner. We live and we learn. hahaha

Boudoir Photographer

This course has hands down been the best investment I’ve made in my business and I honestly can’t recommend it enough. You definitely have to commit and be willing to put in the work but that work continues to reap returns for your business for literally years afterwards. You also get access to the community which has been so incredibly helpful when questions come up.

Elopement Photographer

The course has been SO helpful! The step by step process makes it so easy to understand. Also, I highly recommend getting the additional coaching calls! I had my first one and it was MORE than worth the cost already

Wedding Photographer

Highly highly recommend the course and the gifts just keep coming in the private community, because you get to ask questions as they come up and learn from others. Just buy it!

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Membership Pricing

$549 for the First Year
$249 per year to renew

30 day money-back guarantee.